Can I trust you?

How do we know you are not scammers or pretenders or people who are going to use our credit card and do multiple charges?

I believe all the best relationships in the world are built on trust.

There is no 100 percent assurance any online business can give you that will assure a first time client that a business is not going to take what is not theirs or take advantage of them.

What I can tell you is that all our clients to date have been happy repeat clients. In almost 20 years no-one has ever complained of being ripped off. It is just not in our consciousness to do so and if you ever felt you were unfairly charged, please just email or call me so I can fix it. It would most likely be a human error ( probably mine) since I do the accounts side.  My phone is with me 24/7 so please call me if you have a query regarding payment. International callers phone +64211694745 or NZ clients freecall Sarah 0800800742. You will not find yourself in cyberspace trying to contact a person who has mysteriously disappeared off the face of the earth I promise you!

You might find the content on our website a little unusual but you see we wanted it to be personal, ethical, and spiritual yet still retaining the professionalism you would expect of a  much larger global company.