About Us

Sarah believes in tarot readings the 'olde fashioned way’. By that she means if the reader is truly experienced and gifted, comfortable in her own self, the reading will flow and it will be a positive and enjoyable experience for both the client and the reader. Sarah believes too much emphasis is placed on fanciful promises by many tarot companies who read this way and that and upside down and even sideways... Really its very simple. If it is right for you then you will call. As spiritual beings we find our way to where we need to go. Let us help you to go in the right direction right now.


Open up to Sarah and to the universe. Speak from the heart, what is it that you really want to know? Be happy, be sad, talk, but always be true.


"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience"... Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


We are not some big, talk it up Fortune 500 company. We are little in size, just four people who have unique gifts to share. We enjoy doing readings and are grateful for your payments and ongoing support. By keeping it small we have control over all facets of the business, and remain truly connected.
If you find you have a special relationship with one reader then you should ask for her wherever possible. After the first reading your credit card details are on file unless you are uncomfortable with this and prefer us to not to. This means you can text your reader direct and ask when she is available and you will not need to provide your details each time you call.


Readings are very personal and confidential so this is why we make ourselves accessible in this way. Once you have found your reader ask for her text number and text her when you want a reading. Just text your name and phone number and she will text you back to see if it is convenient to call you and do your reading. If she is not available or on a call she will  let you know when she is back online so you can call. Very simple and effective!